Boston College Startups Celebration 2015

Boston College Startups Celebration 2015

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Applications for Summer 2017 Program are now closed.

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The SSC VP exists to answer one simple question: "what will it be like to run my business idea full-time?"

What do I get if I am selected to the SSC VP Summer Program?

  • Office space in Boston
  • Funding
  • Weekly curriculum designed to introduce you to the startup world
  • Direct access to mentors, investors, lawyers, and many other resources that will take your business to the next level

As part of the SSC VP Rotating Accelerator, you and your teammates will be provided desks in the office of a company founded by a BC alum. To maximize the knowledge-sharing and the network-building, teams will stay in each space for 2 to 3 weeks, then rotate to a different startup with BC roots. You’ll get more mentorship and exposure to more startup learnings through this format. Also, the program will include at least one SSC night a week where all the teams can come together for learning events, coaching and camaraderie.

We line up modest funding for each team. We expect to be able to provide a few thousand dollars to each team in order to help you be successful. To be clear: SSC will not take any equity in your company. That’s not what this is about.

One more thing. It’s important you understand that this whole Rotating Accelerator will be hands-on and intense. Don’t apply if you’re a dabbler. Don’t apply if you are thinking maybe you might want to try something on the side after your lifeguarding shift. This is for people who are dying to jump into an idea with both feet. So you tell us -- is that you?