Danielle Dalton

Meet Radici Travel

Danielle Dalton
Meet Radici Travel

“Exploring my heritage and visiting my ancestral homeland was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Here at Radici, we help you achieve that same satisfaction.”

— David LoVerme, CEO and Founder of Radici Travel


Radici Travel provides personalized travel recommendations based on your ancestry.  Skip the generic trip centered around a tourist guidebook.  Instead share some simple information like your name, birthday, and the place of residence of one of your ancestors and allow Radici Travel to do the rest.  Using a network of top-tier historians, the company will create the trip of a lifetime for you—where you learn about the times of your ancestors' lives.  Irish ancestry?  Venture beyond the hub of Dublin and its tourist traps to have a pint at the old pub your ancestors would have visited.  


David LoVerme BC MBA '15 is the CEO and Co-Founder of Radici Travel, one of the teams in the Soaring Startup's Class of 2015.   Before completing his MBA, David earned his bachelors degree in history from Columbia University.  He became interested in the startup scene while at Boston College.  Radici Travel is the perfect blend of his passions—research, travel, entrepreneurship, and business.  

Scott Hafferkamp is Co-Founder of Radici Travel.  He earned his BA in American Studies at Wheaton College and his Master's in teaching history from Tufts University.  Scott's favorite city to visit is Edinburgh, Scotland—he even studied abroad there!

Meet all of Radici Travel's historians here.  


Allow Radici Travel to craft the customized trip of a lifetime for you!  Visit them online to learn more.