For professionals

Use your experience to help students grow their businesses

There are lots of ways you can get involved

Venture fund
On-campus workshops
1:1 coaching
Student org partnerships
Alumni support network

Your advice will help students launch and grow their own businesses. You’ll build great relationships with Boston College students and the alumni entrepreneurship community.

2018 Opportunities

Summer mentor

Meet briefly with multiple student-led companies during the SSC’s Summer Accelerator program and provide advice on how to hit their business goals. Time commitment is minimal.

Startup coach

Provide in-person or remote support to student-entrepreneurs over a period of time. Your experience will be invaluable to helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams.

On-campus workshop teacher

Bring your expertise to campus by planning and running high-value entrepreneurship workshops. Possibilities include:

  • Skill-based workshops (e.g. Product Management)
  • Personal development workshops (e.g. Time Management, Health)
  • Founder workshops (e.g. Legal Incorporation),

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