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Empower your BC student organization with free entrepreneurship resources

We support student-entrepreneurs

The SSC provides year-round support to BC student-entrepreneurs:

Venture fund
On-campus workshops
1:1 coaching
Student org partnerships
Alumni support network

On-campus workshops

An easy way to start benefitting from the SSC’s resources is to co-host an event for your members showcasing the learnings that have made BC’s top alumni entrepreneurs and innovators successful.

Applicable to all interests

For CSOM organizations

Further your members’ entrepreneurship and innovation skills and provide unique career development opportunities

For A&S organizations

Enable your members to take advantage of entrepreneurship and innovation on and off campus

For e-boards and student government

Train your leaders with the learnings that have made BC’s top alumni entrepreneurs successful

“The SSC helped teach us the fundamentals of starting a company.”

“We were just two guys with an idea but they taught us how to fail-fast and connected us to a network of highly knowledgeable and helpful individuals, which allowed us to learn at a rapid pace.”

– Harris Williams, CEO of CompuCog

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