We are BC alums who love BC's start-up community.
Tom Coburn
General Partner

Press overview

SSC Venture Partners is an accelerator and seed-stage VC focussed on investing in startups formed by Boston College students and alumni.

SSC Venture Partners was formed based on the principals of the Soaring Startup Circle (SSC), a 501(3)c non-profit that donated money, office space, and mentorship services to fledgling BC founded startups. The goal of the SSC is to bring entrepreneurship at Boston College to the forefront of the local and national startup ecosystem. SSC Venture Partners is the next stage in the evolution of that mission. Compared to the original non-profit, SSC Venture Partners is able to write larger checks and take more active roles in its portfolio. SSC Venture Partners also runs an annual summer accelerator and a year-round mentor network to support Boston College startups.

In order to achieve that vision, in 2017, SSC Venture Partners closed Fund I with a goal of raising over $250,000. The fund includes over a dozen high net worth and high profile Boston College alumni.

SSC Venture Partners closed Fund II and Fund III, in 2019 and 2021, respectively.


SSC Venture Partners regularly works with members of the press to promote entrepreneurship and the startups that make up the accelerator program’s cohorts and venture funds’ portfolios.

All press enquiries should be directed to duncan@sscventurepartners.com.