The SSC Venture Studio strives to invest in Boston College student-founded, pre-seed businesses led by visionary founding teams to bring innovative ideas to life and ignite rapid growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Chestnut Hill.

Our Process


Experienced SSC Venture Studio Associates teach analysts the ins and outs of the venture capital industry, including approaches to early-stage investing and current trends.


Venture studio analysts source and conduct due diligence on early-stage startups within the Boston College student community.


Venture studio will invite student startups whose business criteria and mission aligns with our investment thesis to pitch in-house and the studio will fill out investment forms to decide whether to invest.


Sunday, November 7, 2021
First funding received
In partnership with SSC Venture Partners, we are more than grateful to receive the first funding of $50,000. Within the studio, studio members will learn first-hand about the venture capital industry while investing the Venture Studio's own active fund directly into BC student-led startups.
Sunday, November 7, 2021
Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Founding of Venture Studio
Under the lead of co-founders, the SSC Venture Studio is created to be a diverse team of Boston College students passionate about growing and fosters the entrepreneurship community on-campus. We invest directly in student startups whose business criteria and mission aligns with our investment this.
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Venture Studio Team

Co-founders & Associates

Carter Dwyer, CSOM ‘22            

Bijoy Shah, CSOM ‘22              

Elizabeth Berkhan, CSOM ‘22

Senior Analysts

Bernardo Poulat, CSOM ‘22

Andrew Kenny, MCAS ‘23

Ryan Bern, CSOM ‘23

Greg Marcotte, MCAS ‘23

Louise Kim, CSOM ’23


Caroline Williams, MCAS ‘23             Michael Choi, MCAS ‘24

Lucia Artinano, CSOM ‘23                     Arjun Garg, CSOM ‘25

Sophia Cassidy, CSOM ‘23         Ivan Lubyanitskiy, CSOM ‘25

Will Mills, MCAS ‘23                            Edward Shin, MCAS ‘25 

Collin Tsui, CSOM ‘24                            Kristin Myer, CSOM ‘25

Connor Fleming, CSOM ‘24             Michael Morse, CSOM ‘25                

Grace Cutler, MCAS ’24           Chinmaya Koolwall, CSOM ‘25

Jiqian (Giqi) Zhao, CSOM ‘24           Ryan Simonds, CSOM ‘25

Joaquin Penelas, MCAS ‘24                     Ted Wind, CSOM ‘25

Kaylee Arzu, MCAS ‘24

Micayla Cameron, CSOM ‘24

Interested in getting involved?

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Contact us at: studio@sscventurepartners.com

Twitter: @SSCVenture           Instagram: sscventurestudio