Founded in 2021, the SSC Venture Studio is committed to investing in innovative student-led startups at Boston College. We aim to bring disruptive ideas to life and ignite rapid growth within Chestnut Hill's entrepreneurial ecosystem.



Experienced SSC Venture Studio Associates teach analysts the ins and outs of the venture capital industry, including approaches to early-stage investing and current trends.


Venture studio analysts source and conduct due diligence on early-stage startups within the Boston College student community.


Venture studio will invite student startups whose business criteria and mission aligns with our investment thesis to pitch in-house and the studio will fill out investment forms to decide whether to invest.

Our Process

Have an idea you want to build or have a company you would like to grow? Reach out below and we will set up a meeting with one of our experienced sourcing teams led by our Senior Analysts.
Studio Meeting
After our first conversation, we will conduct a holistic review of your venture, and provide personalized feedback and recommendations for your entrepreneurial journey.
Next Steps
In the past, we have helped founders with proof of concept, product testing, and pitch preparation. We look forward to helping you achieve your vision through our network and resources.​

Current Venture Studio Team


Micayla Cameron, CSOM ’24

Jiqian(Giqi) Zhao, CSOM ’24

Joaquin Penelas, MCAS ’24

Kristin Myer, CSOM ’25

Senior Analysts

Jack Carroll, MCAS ’24

Collin Tsui, CSOM ’24

Connor Fleming, CSOM ’24

Michael Morse, CSOM ’25


Julian Bergerson, CSOM ’24

Edward Shin, MCAS ’25

Ryan Simonds, CSOM ’25

Arjun Garg, CSOM ’25

Rylee Sevigny, MCAS ’25

Kyle Radimer, CSOM ’25

Hayoung Cho, MCAS ’25

Matthew Klein, MCAS ’25

Anisha Kundu, CSOM ’25

Christina Menke, MCAS ’25

Ivan Lubyanitskiy, CSOM ’25

Ryan Schaefer, CSOM ’26

Elijah Ackerman, CSOM ’26

Connor Carey, CSOM ’26

Yantong(Emily) Long, MCAS ’26

Diego Rios Bru, CSOM ’26

Celine Schwesinger, CSOM ’26

Dylan Kim, MCAS ’26

Jack Griffin, CSOM ’26

Nicholas Rabjohn, CSOM ’26

Ella Sklar, MCAS ’26

Maxwell Guan, MCAS ’27

Class of 22-23
Class of 21-22
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Carter Dwyer, Class of 2022 – Co-Founder

Elizabeth Berkhan, Class of 2022 – Co-Founder

Bijoy Shah, Class of 2022 – Co-Founder

Berni Poulat, Class of 2022 – Senior Analyst

Interested in getting involved?

(Or email studio@sscventurepartners.com)

Contact us at: studio@sscventurepartners.com

Twitter: @SSCVenture           Instagram: sscventurestudio