2020 SSC Summer Accelerator

Meet our Startups

The SSC Accelerator is kicking off the summer with five exciting BC startups. Read below to see how our newest founders are putting a creative spin on investing, clinical analysis, food delivery, charcuterie, and retail.

Aventure brings Wall Street bond trading to Main Street. By using the power of Bond ETFs and machine learning, Aventure demystifies trading and financial literacy for new millennial retail investors.


Prism delivers powerful data and analytic solutions across the biomedical ecosystem. The Prism platform systematically reviews millions of clinical trials, offering analysts an efficient and empirical understanding of any disease area.

Markitplace is a platform aiding small and socially conscious businesses with scheduled food delivery. Markitplace aggregates local meal kit offerings for consumers and provides additional services to boost partners’ brands, such as analytics and marketing.


Kured is a gift-giving business specializing in charcuterie arrangements. Kured merges the concept of a charcuterie board with elaborate floral arrangements to produce Kured’s flagship charcuterie bouquet.

Collector’s is a platform where sneaker-heads and social media devotees come together to provide a vehicle for customers to acquire hard to find, limited edition sneakers and high end clothing.

Follow along with their progress

Stay up-to-date with the startups’ progress through the summer of 2020 and get your invite to Demo Day in August.

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